COVID-19: Dubai Municipality treats 350 tons of medical waste

Dubai Municipality has treated 350 tons of medical waste since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in the emirate until the end of April, at a daily rate of 5-6 tons.

The medical waste is taken from both public and private clinics, hospitals, healthcare centres and laboratories, and transported directly to the Jebel Ali Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility affiliated to Dubai Municipality, in order to treat it on a daily basis in central medical waste treatment systems, state-run Dubai Media Office reported.

As part of the treatment operations, the medical waste which is contaminated or affected by the novel coronavirus is sterilised upon arrival at the facility directly, and takes priority over the rest of the medical waste for immediate disposal, director of waste management department at Dubai Municipality, Eng Abdul Majeed Saifaie, said.

Furthermore, all equipment, vehicles and areas are completely sterilised to avoid any biological danger. Such medical waste is received through the day and in three shifts.

In order to observe high stands of health, safety, and hygeine in the emirate’s biological waste transportation sector, Dubai Municipality has created corridors to sterilise employees, customers and individuals working in the field.

The authority is utilising an advanced mobile medical waste station to treat all types of gases and emissions generated from the waste processing operations.

All waste management companies and their customers in the emirate have been instructed to provide special containers for collecting used masks, hand gloves and other personal protection.

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