It gives us great pleasure to introduce an automatic Hydraulically Operated Garbage Compactor using direct  pressing of refuse by using two hydraulic cylinders one main cylinder for pressing against steel gate. And another one to  open the gate after pressing. This compactor designed to compact refuse down to at least 20% of its original volume. Ries Container Packer CP1100 – waste compactor for 1.1cbm bins. It was designed to be useable at very narrow and low spaces. It has a very rugged construction, standardized hydraulic and electrical components. In order to prevent the rolls from damages, the compactor – base lifts the bin. The rolls have no contact to the floor while compacting.The compactor can be used in and outside. Open the lid of the container and push the container onto the platform of the compactor. The compaction plate must be lifted. Possible also for other bins like 770 litter bins. Operation with two hand, One for the switch for the e-motor and one for the hydraulic lever. Total Weight: 245kg Electric Connection: 220 Volt.


  • Easy for installing and dismantling hydraulic cylinders.
  • Programmable logic controller for safety.
  • Manual and Auto modes.
  • Compaction ratio high 15‐20 %.
  • Photocell protecting. 
  • Direct refuse pressing. 
  • Oil temperature shut down switch. 
  • Availability of electrical and hydraulic spare parts.
  • Maintain team for fast repairing at your disposal. 


It is designed in a way to make it easy for operation and maintenance. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is used  to make it more safety and logic inter‐ locks of the compactor operation. If any faults appear in the (PLC) the compactor can be operated manually using the labeled push buttons in the control panel. In the Auto mode the compactor will work  automatically after the photocell beam is broken by the refuse. The main pressing hydraulic cylinder will start pressing  the refuse against the gate under a pressure of 120 bar (or more if required) for some times to compact the material.  After pressing time is finished the gate will open and the pressing cylinder will delivery compacted material into the  container .Then the pressing and gate cylinders will return back to their initial position. All the sensing switched used are  photocells for more reliability and reduce malfunction of the compactor. 



Main body compacting ram of the compactor is made up of rectangular steel of 8mm thick. The faces of the  compacting ram are made from 25mm thick plate.

Inside of the compactor is painted with primer. Outside the compactor all parts are painted with Hammer dark grey  paint or any another color according to the clients requirement.


  • MODEL NO: Compactor 4000 
  • COMPACTION FORCE:94 KN (9.4 Tons) 
  • COMPACTION RATE:Down to 15‐20% of refuses original Volume
  • CYCLE TIME:90 sec. 
  • PUMP :External Gear Pump -Pump Flow Rate  23 L/min -Maximum Hydraulic Pressure  120 bar -Oil Reservoir  85 liters
  • HYDRAULIC CONTROL VALVES:4/3 Way Valve – Atos (Italy) 
  • MOTOR:5.5kw, 1450 rpm, TEFC Class F Insulation
  • MOTOR VOLTAGE :380V / 3 Phase / 50 H
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS:380‐400V, 3 Phase, 50Hz, 5 wires, 16 Amps. 
  • SUPPLY CABLE:5 Core, 6mm² (3ph, N, Earth) 
  • CONTROL: automatic by light barrier, signal Stroke by Photo  cell 
  • TOTAL WEIGHT:650 kg.
  • DIMENSIONS :Refer to the attached drawing


All electrical components are housed in easily accessible keyed cabinet which be mounted either side of the  compactor or remotely at request. Equipped with programmable logic controller (PLC) for safety of the compactor and  complex interlock. 

  • Equipped with two modes manual or auto 
  • Panel Class: IP65  

In manual mode all hydraulic components can be operated separately (In case of Auto mode faults) by using  push buttons mounted in the panel face. In Auto mode using photocell (light barrier) to start compactor operation. The  photocells are protected against foreign material stack to them by using steel cover fixed inside the compactors hopper.

  • Oil temperature shut down switch with indication lamp (oil high temperature)  
  • Motor trip lamp incase motor overload. ƒ Equipped with fan for cooling electrical components inside the panel.  
  • All electrical components are labeled inside and outside the panel for easy repairing and faultfinding.
  •  In  case  of  stacking  of  the  pressing  cylinder  or  any  reason  the  system  will  be  stopped  or  gate  cylinder  automatically after preset time.  
  • System will stop in case of low oil level with indication lamp (Low Oil Level).



  • Hydraulic Cylinders: One main pressing cylinder designed for easily installing and dismantling. The other cylinder for  opening the gate.
  •  Power Pack: Equipped with all required components from Gear Pump, Suction Filter, Solenoid valves, Relief valve,  Pressure Gauge and Pressure Switch Supplied from Well Known Brands (ATOS –Italy) diplomat Italy, Eaton Japan. 
  •  Size of tank: 85 liters
  •  Pump flow rate: 23 L/Min  
  • Electrical motors: 5.5KW, 3Phase, 380 Volts, 50Hz, 1450 rpm  

The tank is equipped with high oil temperature switch and a low oil level switch to stop the system in case of oil high  temperature or low oil level with indication in main panel. 


  • Refer to attached drawing 
  • Total Weight 650 kg 

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