Our garbage chute systems are highly practical, simple, and cost effective solution for waste management in buildings and on ground. It is aimed at improving health protection, increasing the convenience of users and to meet the demands of a cleaner environment.

Electrical Accessories inside the hopper door: 24V.

Our products can be applied to residential buildings as well as office and administration buildings. Most of our clients include not only residential buildings but also restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and hospitals.

Optional-One Door Open System. Monitored through control panel. 




The top part of the chute extended with vent pipe above roof level with a weathering cowl, bird and insect screen.
The fan is incorporated either in the chute cover or in fan housing for high rise building above the head of the chute.
This fan assures continuous ventilation of the chute and extracts foul air to the atmosphere so that foul air is unable to escape through the intake door openings of the chute system.


Access door mounted on the top level of the chute is for the purpose of inspection of accessories, refilling of disinfectant, maintenance of cleaning system.

The cavity of the access door pipe comprises the brush system and the sanitizing unit.Access door applies for garbage & linen chute and is installed at the last floor which precedes the top roof.


In addition to the chute washing system, an automatic brush cleaning system is provided above the highest access door. This special device was deigned to clean the chute tube over its full length.
The brush comprises a cylindrical sheet-metal housing with replaceable stiff nylon.



Brush is automatically lowered and raised by the geared electric motor. The nylon brushes scrape and clean the internal surface as they move up and down the chute.


Washing sprinklers are connected to water pressure line on the roof by a vertical copper pipe. A disinfecting and sanitizing unit is provided to enable automatic disinfectant of chute during the cleaning process.
A disinfectant tank filled with disinfectant or deodorant mounted on the top of the chute relay with the washing system to ensure chute cleanliness.

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